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On neglected artists and Nicolas Jolly’s fingerprints

It has been a while since my last post here. Well, hello!!! Welcome back ;) — I tell myself… Yes, welcome… Alright, this is not working. Sorry for the a w k w a r d n e s s.

Indeed, it has been some time since I took the time to write for this lovely and neglected blog of mine. There is no real reason, or at least not worth the sudden abandonment. Youth, perhaps, and a shameful lack of interest. Either way, my fingers are back into typing. Writing pages and pages of research papers for school have kept them in shape, which is great! One less complain about the inhumane overprice of university in O’ Canada… Cheers, I say.

Now, let me be brief.

Once in a while I have been digging deep in procrastination, and have found some pretty good artists…neglected artists. Yes, yes, just like this lovely and neglected blog of mine. Because, let’s be honest, not all artists have the talent of a sales person. In fact, for some artists, “selling” comes across as a CAPITAL sin. Who knows, maybe it is a sin — what if the Vatican concurs? Pfff, yeah, right.

Life is not easy for those artists. Specially when it is expected they have to be making a living from their artwork. After all, some of them dedicated three to four years of their early 20s and late teens to graduate from school with a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts and, most likely, got in debt (unless, of course, they were blessed and did not have to pay for it themselves or at all… lucky beasts). A few others might even pursue a post-graduate degree. “It is a brave new world”, Van Gogh would say if he was still around.

To make it worse, since artists have a tendency of being over sensitive, if not melodramatic, Sir Depression engages Madame Frustration. An over rated couple. The result, a poor artist who feels misunderstood or merely not understood by the WHOLE world.

No, no, I am not exaggerating. This is based on empirical observations and from close acquaintances. However, who am I to judge? Exactly. A good reason not to name some instances.

Life is also wise. Sooner or later the neglected artist finds him/herself in the prosperity of mature age, smiling… although there could be some exceptions. Maybe being a Dali is not listed in his/her lifetime, but why cry about it? Isn’t creating art the ultimate goal of an artist? How can an artist be an artist without producing like an artist? Selling is not essential, creating is… Idealism is! Daydreaming is!

If the artist just likes the connotations of being an artist, yet does not create with a modest and silent honesty, sorry but such ‘artist’ is lying to him/herself… which is cool, but sad… or not. Okay, it is not of my concern.

I will stop with my mental flu now (you are welcome).

Here are some good looking pictures by Nicolas Jolly, from France.

This does not mean I consider him a ‘neglected artist’, his work just happened to be of my sincere liking. Jolly’s technique, actually, captured my chaotic attention. Ink and paper seem to be his medium of preference, and lines that characterize fingerprints define his illustrations. Jolly himself calls his style fingerprint, so I am not making it up.



Terrasson Village






Les Ombres


Black Rain


His style is not confined to this technique, nonetheless. As it is clearly observed in the following selection.





Judge by yourselves and do not forget to visit his website.


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