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Passing by to say hi and to share Paolo Čerić’s work, why not?

I stopped feeding this channel for a while. Life got out of my hands, like when water overflew your fists as a child trying to hold it. I’m still trying to put it back in order, as if there was any before falling in this void. I no longer know whether it’s going further down or the other way. In fact, I feel like floating in space while hearing the tic-toc of an old clock. A clock that is so ancient I can’t dare to question. Not because I don’t want to do it, I’m just exhausted at this point. Life is great…it sure is…keep telling that to yourself, maybe it will become true some day. Hopefully, when “some day” comes you will be riding a wild horse in the prairies. It is Napoleon’s white horse taking you to the horizon where the sun sets at dusk (as if possible). Why not?

A facebook acquaintance shared Adel Abidin’s Life is Short, Let’s Have an Affair installation with me, which I planned to publish originally. Of course, I changed my mind. I found Paolo Čerić instead, a Croatian artist whose talent with Processing kept me from weeping as I typed this text of adulation for his mastery of the medium. Paolo, if you are reading this, please note that I admire your good taste in graphics. Not knowing what to select from his exquisite collection, I finally ‘curated’ the following set he published on Behance. Paolo named it Single Stroke, and it came out when I looked up for the word ‘rape‘ on Behance’s searcher. 

Programming, Digital Art, Paolo Čerić

Programming, Digital Art, Paolo Čerić

Programming, Digital Art, Paolo Čerić

Programming, Digital Art, Paolo Čerić

He created them with Processing, which, as some of you may know, requires the artist to code. Numeric beauty, certainly.

Programming, Digital Art, Paolo Čerić

Here is a link to his tumblr! Visit him and like his stuff if you think it worth your effort, or as you prefer. Thank you for passing by.


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