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On Sexual Assault & The Perfect Indian Woman

Ancient mythology holds no shame when speaking out for male privilege. Rape was a common thing, as common as disease and war that even the gods were entitled to possess their female counterparts without consent. Remember the story in which Hephaestus attempts to rape Athena, or the one where Zeus sexually assaults Hera (yes, his wife!)? Stories like these predominated in the beliefs of Athenians and influenced their mundane activities. Women were property and held no rights other than those granted by the protection of men. What is more concerning is that Western culture has appropriated Ancient Greece as its birthplace. There sure are amazing things to learn from ancient times, but how can facts be ignored?

When I came across Kanika Kaul’s Behance, I had to share her post because it sparks hope. Her project, which she so perfectly titled The Perfect Indian Woman, is a reminder of how powerful satire can be. Kaul’s art work challenges social conventions, where women are subordinates of men, by making fun of the ‘perfect’ Indian woman. It consists of 5 posters, digitally designs, crafted as instructions to achieve such perfection: “Step 1. Obtain lots of dowry…Step 2. Stay at home…Step 3. Say no to jeans…Step 4. Embrace violence…Step 5. Be inert…”. Check them out, they’re awesome!

Kanika Kaul 2015

Kanika Kaul 2015

Kanika Kaul 2015

Kanika Kaul 2015

Kanika Kaul 2015

Kaul is from Mumbai, India, and is just starting out in communications design. If you enjoyed what she did, here’s a link to her Behance. Kanika, you rock!


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