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The echo of the offspring and the visual poetry of Elicia Edijanto

When the night arrives the child comes outside to play with the beasts.

What is there for the children who are not born yet? How will they interact in a world of uncertainty amongst themselves? Will they grow up and turn into drug addicts, junkies, pot heads, whores, womanizers, scum? No matter how little or how much their parents loved them, they will still feel empty and not good enough. Then they will  turn into deformed beings that want to dismantle the lies and trash fed to them like pedigree, and they will roar in the dark under flashing lights of coloured filters, sweat and share the illusion of freedom until it all becomes a part of who they are, who they think they are… they’ll feel happy puking glitter, masturbating because why not? “the gods resemble to us, we created them after all”, they’d say. Then when the day arrives 10 hours late again, they will complain about adults and their own humanity, for they have accepted their species is evil and some have actually embraced the idea…others fight it…others don’t care. The children, what will be of them when they fully grow up? Does that actually ever happen to children? Do they truly grow up or is it just a misunderstanding?

Elicia Edijanto is an extraordinary artist from Indonesia who specializes in watercolours to create beautiful illustrations that recite silent verses of hope, like reminders to not discard one’s inner child because innocence is never lost. She introduces each illustration with curated quotes mainly from authors such as Hemingway. The illustrations is also titled so that the narrative is even more straight forward, reinforcing the message to avoid misunderstandings. Nostalgic notes are observed in the composition of the paintings, each protagonized or antagonized by a human offspring and an individual of another species. The nature of life is rendered in black and white while both creatures share a moment, a reflection of the goodness that persists regardless of nihilism and the food chain.

Here is the link to Edijanto’s website, followed by a recompilation of her work, which can be also purchased here.

Elicia Edijanto

“Glowing Sun”

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.

-Ernest Hemingway-

Elicia Edijanto


And after all the falls are done, we must rise again –

Elicia Edijanto


Elicia Edijanto

Untitled from “The Animal Stories” collection

Elicia Edijanto

“Comforting Sounds” from the “Safe” collection

Elicia Edijanto

“Going Home”

I’m the blood, I’m the key
Let them born into this world,
Let them sing into the sky


Elicia Edijanto

“Echo (3)” from the “Echo” collection

Oh, this is her, by the way. A beautiful woman with a beautiful craft.

Elicia Edijanto

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On neglected artists and Nicolas Jolly’s fingerprints

It has been a while since my last post here. Well, hello!!! Welcome back ;) — I tell myself… Yes, welcome… Alright, this is not working. Sorry for the a w k w a r d n e s s.

Indeed, it has been some time since I took the time to write for this lovely and neglected blog of mine. There is no real reason, or at least not worth the sudden abandonment. Youth, perhaps, and a shameful lack of interest. Either way, my fingers are back into typing. Writing pages and pages of research papers for school have kept them in shape, which is great! One less complain about the inhumane overprice of university in O’ Canada… Cheers, I say.

Now, let me be brief.

Once in a while I have been digging deep in procrastination, and have found some pretty good artists…neglected artists. Yes, yes, just like this lovely and neglected blog of mine. Because, let’s be honest, not all artists have the talent of a sales person. In fact, for some artists, “selling” comes across as a CAPITAL sin. Who knows, maybe it is a sin — what if the Vatican concurs? Pfff, yeah, right.

Life is not easy for those artists. Specially when it is expected they have to be making a living from their artwork. After all, some of them dedicated three to four years of their early 20s and late teens to graduate from school with a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts and, most likely, got in debt (unless, of course, they were blessed and did not have to pay for it themselves or at all… lucky beasts). A few others might even pursue a post-graduate degree. “It is a brave new world”, Van Gogh would say if he was still around.

To make it worse, since artists have a tendency of being over sensitive, if not melodramatic, Sir Depression engages Madame Frustration. An over rated couple. The result, a poor artist who feels misunderstood or merely not understood by the WHOLE world.

No, no, I am not exaggerating. This is based on empirical observations and from close acquaintances. However, who am I to judge? Exactly. A good reason not to name some instances.

Life is also wise. Sooner or later the neglected artist finds him/herself in the prosperity of mature age, smiling… although there could be some exceptions. Maybe being a Dali is not listed in his/her lifetime, but why cry about it? Isn’t creating art the ultimate goal of an artist? How can an artist be an artist without producing like an artist? Selling is not essential, creating is… Idealism is! Daydreaming is!

If the artist just likes the connotations of being an artist, yet does not create with a modest and silent honesty, sorry but such ‘artist’ is lying to him/herself… which is cool, but sad… or not. Okay, it is not of my concern.

I will stop with my mental flu now (you are welcome).

Here are some good looking pictures by Nicolas Jolly, from France.

This does not mean I consider him a ‘neglected artist’, his work just happened to be of my sincere liking. Jolly’s technique, actually, captured my chaotic attention. Ink and paper seem to be his medium of preference, and lines that characterize fingerprints define his illustrations. Jolly himself calls his style fingerprint, so I am not making it up.



Terrasson Village






Les Ombres


Black Rain


His style is not confined to this technique, nonetheless. As it is clearly observed in the following selection.





Judge by yourselves and do not forget to visit his website.

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October 2011 inspired Guy Denning

What is all the fuss about the Occupy Movements and the Springs around the world? Well, I’ll tell you that beyond the will to power and collective unity, it’s also about aesthetics. A great example can be seen in Guy Denning‘s sketches.

Whoever said reality is boring, should consider going out once in a while…

October 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy DenningOctober 2011 inspired Guy Denning

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Beastliness, according with Alexandra Bastien

Didn’t you love colouring as a child?  For Montreal colour pencil artist, Alexandra Bastien, this love never died.

Of course it didn’t.

Dedicating more than 40hrs a week per piece, Alexandra brainstorms first, then gets a model to pose for her, and moves on to sketching. Her technique consists on colouring fifty layers of colour (50 layers!!!), which she proceeds to ‘strip’ to expose the first layer on a texturized surface that will induce to a glazer finishing.

The pencil brands she favours: Prismacolors Premier, Derwent Colorsoft and Faber-Castell Polychromos, or so she claims in an interview with CPSC when presented as their March 2011 Featured Artist.

Moreover, unless the text in her website is a lie, inspiration comes from her surrounding reality and from being fascinated with people.

I  now leave you with images from “Taming the Beast”, her most recent exhibition series dedicated for women “so they can break the chains of their fears, fully assume their femininity and feel their inner power again”, as she wrote in her artist statement. Enjoy!


First Graze




To Do


Beware I Come




Maternal Instinct






Brace Yourself

Don’t forget to check out her Artist Statement to understand the concept behind “Taming the Beast”!

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19 outstanding pen illustrations by Roberto Bizamas

As if drawing portraits with a pencil isn’t amazing enough, check out Mr. Roberto Bizamas’ work.

Dibujando a Obama / Drawing Obama

Dibujando a Obama / Drawing Obama

Not bad.

Mr. Bizamas likes shading his drawings with Bic pens. The result? Judge by yourself.

He is from Chile and a Deviant Art user since 2009; his hobby, aside from making wooden pulley bows, is photo-reference-drawing. The subject of his work: popular film and TV icons… but he has drawings of political leaders and painters, too.

Here are a few of his images, which I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


ANTHONY HOPKINS. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


ANTONIO BANDERAS. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


MORGAN FREEMAN. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

william defoe

William Defoe. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Stallone. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Slash. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

steve irwin

Steve Irwin. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

james franco

James Franco. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

mr. bean

Mr. Bean. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

charles chaplin

Charles Chaplin. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Columbo. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

yao ming

Yao Ming. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

 Bruce Willis.-

Bruce Willis. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

dalai lama

Dalai Lama. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

elvis presley

Elvis Presley. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

Did you like Roberto Bizamas work? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to visit his deviantART page for more, or his tumblr.