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The “Aerial Views” of Bernhard Lang

The impact of our species on this planet is devastating. Ever since Europe found refuge in the so called Americas, or the New World, and Africa, there’s been nothing but destruction. Colonialism has been nothing more than a destructive force that goes hand in hand with imperialism. Had it not been for the mine in Potosi, Bolivia, the decrepit kingdoms of fair skinned psychopaths would not have experienced the renaissance, and possibly the world as we know it today could had been deprived from the marvels of classical architecture. Thank god for the conquering and slavery of dark skinned nations that ensured humanity got to see the good taste of Europe. Thank god mamma Africa is still as rich as it has always been since the time it was discovered by Wall Street.

Here is the most recent work of German photographer, Bernhard Lang. What he titled “African Mines” is the aerial view of Botswana, Angola and Niger mines that extract diamonds, nickel and uranium for faceless investors. Since 2010, Lang has been capturing the abstract patterns of different landscapes around the world that depict the aesthetic potential of scale as seen from a satellite’s eye point of view.


To see more of  Lang’s work, check out his website.