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Questioning nonsense as Lola makes portraits with glue and paper

Can art be a therapeutic endeavour collectors purchase for status while bored people pursue to avoid going insane? Can politicians be caricatures of society, and can leadership be a social construct idealized by the brain of an ape? Is there such a thing as privilege…or is it a 20 year-old English boy masturbating in-front of his 13-in macbook?

Currently based in Ireland, Lola Dupré made these illustrations by putting together pieces of various pictures of the actual portraits. Indeed, her illustrations are collages she completed by using paper, scissors, and passion…or a lot of time to meditate while creating.

Lola Dupre

David Cameron


Barack Obama


Margaret Thatcher


Kin Jong II


Pope Benedict XVI

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19 outstanding pen illustrations by Roberto Bizamas

As if drawing portraits with a pencil isn’t amazing enough, check out Mr. Roberto Bizamas’ work.

Dibujando a Obama / Drawing Obama

Dibujando a Obama / Drawing Obama

Not bad.

Mr. Bizamas likes shading his drawings with Bic pens. The result? Judge by yourself.

He is from Chile and a Deviant Art user since 2009; his hobby, aside from making wooden pulley bows, is photo-reference-drawing. The subject of his work: popular film and TV icons… but he has drawings of political leaders and painters, too.

Here are a few of his images, which I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


ANTHONY HOPKINS. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


ANTONIO BANDERAS. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


MORGAN FREEMAN. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

william defoe

William Defoe. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Stallone. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Slash. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

steve irwin

Steve Irwin. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

james franco

James Franco. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

mr. bean

Mr. Bean. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

charles chaplin

Charles Chaplin. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama


Columbo. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

yao ming

Yao Ming. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

 Bruce Willis.-

Bruce Willis. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

dalai lama

Dalai Lama. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

elvis presley

Elvis Presley. ©2011 ~RobertoBizama

Did you like Roberto Bizamas work? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to visit his deviantART page for more, or his tumblr.